Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dragon Ball Z SHENRON/SHENLONG diorama base

Finally i already unboxed my BANPRESTO DRAGONBALL Z's SHENLONG that i bought from Great Toys Greenhills last 2011. With a customized base courtesy of Tamago's Cases and Bases

I Painted the acrylic base with Bosny Metallic black, Then top layered with a high grade illustration board painted also with Bosny Metallic Black.

My father helped me in making a riser base for the Shenlong Figure. made from scrap woods.
I also painted the Shenlong figure's base with metallic black in order to have a uniform color scheme.
The round pillar are made from spray paint cans glued together, also painted with metallic brown.

Having the Shenron figure alone is so boring, that's why i added the bronze and golden dragonball z Gashapon HG figures.

The Result is this "simple Diorama Base inside a customized Tamago Acrylic Casing"

- click on the images to enlarge -

13" x 13" x 17" custom acrylic case and base

- Thank You for Viewing -


  1. AWESOME! I love DB and your projects are amazing, keep up the great work!