Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese I

Model Number: OZ-00MS Tallgeese

Pilot: Zechs Merquise

Overall Height: 17.4 meters

Standard Weight: 8.8 metric tons

Power-plant: Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

Armor: Gundanium Alloy


*Dober Gun

*2 x Beam Saber

Special Equipments and Features:

*Booster Unit

*Self-Destruct System

-painted with:
*Vallejo Paints (1/100 Zechs Marquise figure)
*Bosny White
*Bosny Dark Gray,
*Bosny Flat+Gloss Black,
*Bosny Signal Red,
*Bosny Honda Yellow
*Bosny Gold
*Nikko Metallic Ash Gray
*Nikko Ivory

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