Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GNT-0000 00 QAN[T] + GN Sword IV Full Saber (1/100 MG)

Setsuna F. Seiei (a.k.a. Soran Ibrahim)

Unit Type: 
Innovator-use Close Quarters Combat Mobile Suit

Overall Height:
18.3 meters

Overall Weight:
63.5 metric tons

GN Composite Armor

GN Vernier
GN Sword V (attached to right forearm)
GN Buster Rifle/Sword (w/ Sword Bits)
GN Sword Bit x 6 (Stored on GN Shield)
  • A Bit x 2
  • B Bit x 2
  • C Bit x 2
GN Shield (Mounted on left shoulder)
GN Beam Gun
GN Sword IV
GN Gunblades x 3

Special Equipments and Features:
Bit Control System
GN Field
Miniature Veda Terminal
Quantum Brainwave Control System
Twin Drive System
Quantum System 
Quantum Teleportation System
Trans-Am System 
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GNT-0000 00 QAN[T] + GN Sword IV Full Saber

GN Sword IV Full Saber (this a add-on kit from BTW)

GN Sword V

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