Sunday, June 17, 2012

MS Gundam Hangar Base Project (Part VI)

-Materials to be use for the project-
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 01 (5x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 02 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 03 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 04 (2x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 05 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 06 (3x)

*Empty Vicks container
*Used cellphone cards
*Barbecue sticks
*Clear plastic from toothpaste boxes, etc
*Pla Plates

*Pla Beams
*High Grade illustration Boards
*Bulldog Superglue
*Yellow and Black reflector stickers

*Cable ties

- I'll be scratch building a control center on the blank corner portion.

- I'll be scratch building the platforms/catwalk/trusses.
- I'll be painting this after i finished boring holes for the LED's
- I'll be adding LED lights inspired from the works of Astray Red-

* i would like to give credits to the ff: (their works are an inspiration)

Astray Red
DC23 MechArts

GMAC-Bro. Vanz
Zebu's Gundam/Transformers Factory

 -click on the images to enlarge-

- This a moving panel/platform for stationary mobile suits -
- made from an empty VICKS container -
- used some sewing pins, cellphone cards for the guard rails -

- making the staircases using pla-plates -
- making the staircases using pla-plates -

- the staircase -

- an overview on the passage way to the control center -

- this will for a low height platform that's for easy access in repairing knee/thigh part of a mobile suit -

- scribed the pla-plate to create a flooring effect -

- using tamiya square beams to create the trusses -

- a cabinet & table for the maintenance personnel's station -

- making some platform support made from balloon sticks -

- used an old DRAM to add details -
- used a wooden Popsicle stick for additional support for the overhang platform -

- to have a uniform beam, i tape it with masking tape, then do some filing -

- vertical ladders made from 1.0 mm square beams -

- an overview on the updated project -

 -Thank you for Viewing, Until Next Update-
-Please do leave your comments (positive/negative) is much appreciated-


  1. Just wow. Very impressed by all the work you have put into this. Keep at it! Can't wait for the next update! Please show more!

  2. Good Job:) Nice inspiration to people who wanna work on hangar diorama :)

  3. wooow,,, thanks for sharing, I feel like to build my own too
    yours so damn good man

  4. san po nakakabili ng pla plate?

    1. Pla Plates sa Lil's Hobby Shop sa Megamall, Alternative for pla plates are HIPS "high impact polystyrene sheet" sa Deovir meron, search mo na lang sa net branches nila.

  5. sir! pinoy ka nga :))) ang galing mo po sobra!!!!! :))))

  6. sir, may mas detailed ka po na instructions nito? gusto ko po kasi gawan yung 3 RG ko..salamat po..

  7. Very great outstanding job. Actually how can review the other parts 1,2,3?

  8. Sir san k po nkbili ng mechanical hangar base