Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MS Gundam Hangar Base Project (Part V)

-Materials to be use for the project-
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 01 (5x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 02 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 03 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 04 (2x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 05 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 06 (3x)
*Keiko Action Base no. 01

*Empty Vicks container
*Used cellphone cards
*Barbecue sticks
*Clear plastic from toothpaste boxes, etc
*Pla Plates

*Pla Beams
*High Grade illustration Boards
*Bulldog Superglue
*Yellow and Black reflector stickers

- I'll be scratch building a control center on the blank corner portion.

- I'll be scratch building the platforms/catwalk/trusses.
- I'll be painting this after i finished boring holes for the LED's
- I'll be adding LED lights inspired from the works of Astray Red-

* i would like to give credits to the ff: (their works are an inspiration)

Astray Red
DC23 MechArts

GMAC-Bro. Vanz
Zebu's Gundam/Transformers Factory

 -click on the images to enlarge- 

-the finished product of 1of 2 control centers-

-the panel keyboards were made using gundam decals-

-test fitting my 1/100 Gundam Nadleeh on a Keiko Base-

 -Thank you for Viewing, Until Next Update-
-Please do leave your comments (positive/negative) is much appreciated-


  1. Another great set up!! I love the additional parts to the hanger, nothing looks out of place. Will you be adding some workers at the ground floor? If not looks a bit empty at the moment. Just my 2 cents

    1. thank you.. definitely this is way beyond from finish.. it's a very slow WORK IN PROGRESS though because of work schedule =)

  2. wicked design bro...Thumbs up for this..:)