Tuesday, February 07, 2012

MS Gundam Hangar Base Project (Part II)

-Materials to be use for the project-
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 01 (5x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 02 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 03 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 04 (2x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 05 (3x)
*Mechanical Chain Base no. 06 (3x)
*Keiko Action Base no. 01

*Empty Vicks container
*Used cellphone cards
*Barbecue sticks
*Clear plastic from toothpaste boxes, etc
*Pla Plates

*Pla Beams
*High Grade illustration Boards
*Bulldog Superglue
*Yellow and Black reflector stickers

- I'll be scratch building a control center on the blank corner portion.

- I'll be scratch building the platforms/catwalk/trusses.
- I'll be painting this after i finished boring holes for the LED's
- I'll be adding LED lights inspired from the works of Astray Red-

* i would like to give credits to the ff: (their works are an inspiration)

Astray Red https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.131325480265719.23686.100001648033825&type=3
DC23 MechArts http://www.dc23mecharts.com

GMAC-Bro. Vanz http://gmac300.blogspot.com
mtomczek http://forum.zerogunz.com/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=6566&start=15
kaymaroo  http://kaymaroo.blogspot.com/2010/02/gundam-hanger-base-nice-picture-version.html
Zebu's Gundam/Transformers Factory http://gunplafederation.blogspot.com/

 -click on the images to enlarge- 

-cut high grade illustration boards to be use in the corner flooring, had to make that slot to latch it with the existing protruding part of the chainbase-
-using a Tamiya 1.2mm Pla Plate, this will serve as the top most layer of the flooring-
-as you can see the slot and the protruding part of the chainbase-

-latching the 2 portions to secure the board with the chain base - i'll be using also glue to permanently attached this portion-
-the board fits XD, but i failed in etching some panel lines (i etch those before i fitted the board to the chain base, that's why some line are off, but i'll do some remedy for that)-

-for the back wall, i'll be using a 2.0mm Tamiya PlaPlate and 2 pieces of High Grade illustration Boards-
-already cut the 3 materials for the back wall-
-again, need to make some slots to latch it with the chain base protruding portion-
-test fitting the scratch built wall and flooring-
-test fitting the scratch built wall and flooring-
-using lots of used cellphone cards, cover the back portion of the back wall-
-this is the side wall, covered it with used cellphone cards, (because i don't have the luxury of PlaPlates) to make a side wall design)
-this is the side wall (back portion) covered it with used cellphone cards-
-primed the 3 scratch built parts, the flooring, side & back wall-
-some additional reinforcement to the connecting joint of the side & back wall (used Popsicle sticks)
-using some barbecue stick to reinforce the connecting portion of the chain base, next step, i'll be putting epoxy on those gaps to sealed and strengthen the back wall-

 -Thank you for Viewing, Until Next Update-
-Please do leave your comments (positive/negative) is much appreciated-

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