Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Piece Diorama

Materials Used:

01. Plywood (for the base)
02. Fine Sand
03. Plaster of Paris
04. Spray Paint Caps
05. Used Styrofoam, recycled papers
06. Small rocks,stones
07. Popsicle stick
08. Bulldog superglue
09. Nyko Surfacer Primer Gray
10. Bosny Green
11. Bosny Leaf Green
12. Nyko Flat Black
13. Elmers Glue

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-my One Piece & Dragon Ball AF Figures-
-setting up the concept of the diorama-
-using a glue to attached the spray paint caps to the plywood-
-attached some rocks by using a glue gun-
-sifter the sand i'm gonna use-
-the sifted sand-
-fine sand mix with plaster of paris-
-wet hand brushing to give some details on the surface-
-letting it dry under direct sunlight-
-painted the elevated portion with gray, black, green, leaf green and the lower portion with blue-
-added the fine sand+glue+minimal plaster of paris to have a shore line sand effect-

 -Thank you for Viewing-
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