Thursday, January 12, 2012

Card Captor Sakura Diorama

Materials used:

01. Illustration board for the base, boxes and brick wall
02. Some old figure stands
03. Bulldog Super Glue
04. Glue Gun/Stick 
05. Nykko Primer Gray
06. Nykko Orange
07. Nykko Gloss Black and Flat Black
08. Bosny Clear (top coat)
Note: Work in progress on the bottom portion 

-click on the images to enlarge-


-my 4 year old card captor sakura figures-
-using this old and used illustration board-
-lining and scribing those bricks effects-
-primed with nykko surfacer primer gray-

-Thank you for Viewing-
-Please do leave your comments (positive/negative) is much appreciated-

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