Friday, December 23, 2011

Death Note Diorama

Materials used:

01. Illustration board for the base.
02. Illustration board for the square box (etched/scribed) - to make a brick wall effect
03. Spray Paint Caps (etched/scribed) - to make a brick wall effect
04. Some old figure stands
05. Some chains from key chains
06. Bulldog Super Glue
07. Glue Gun/Stick
08. Nykko Orange
09. Bosny Metallic Brown
10. Bosny Clear (top coat)
Note: Work in progress on the bottom portion
-click on the images to enlarge-
-this is the 3 year old set-up for my death note figures and it's really unpleasant to the eyes-

-conceptualizing on what the project will look like-

-spray paint caps - scribed to make a brick wall effect-

-Thank you for Viewing-
-Please do leave your comments (positive/negative) is much appreciated-

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