Friday, May 20, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XX)

WIP Lightings for the K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama: Part A

Materials Used:
01. High Grade Illustration Board
02. LED Holder (5mm)
03. Rocker Switch
04. AA Battery Holders
05. Used Cellphone Cards
06. Volume Control Knobs
07. Pla Plates
08. Bosny Metallic Brown, Bosny Clear
09. Nyko Surfacer Primer Gray, Nyko Black
10. Clear Round Protector Pads

-click on the images to enlarge-

-Rocker Switches-
-LED Holders-
-AA Battery Holders-
-Made of illustration board, i made this box with rocker switches on the side and LED Holders on top-

-bottom view-
-using used cellphone cards to cover the top portion of the illustration board-

-after painting the cellphone cards with metallic brown, pasting it on the painted illustration board-
-connected 2 green LED's & 1 multicolor LED-

-15mm Volume Knob-
-some clear protector pads-
-15mm Volume Knob-
-using pla plates for the miniature lighting -

-used the clear pads for the base-

- Here is the completed Front Platform of the Concert Stage with some miniature lightings equipment -

 -Thank You for Viewing-


  1. Hi,i like so much what have you made...i would know what materials have you used. Thanks

  2. congrats your work is amazing. if you want an easier way of making the trusses look into this any ways i'm also interested in this. would you be willing to make another set of lights if so please let me know costs