Sunday, April 17, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XIX)

WIP: Miniature Microphone and Microphone Stands

Materials Used:
1. Empty Ball Pen Ink Holders,
2. Ballpen Ink Holder Caps,
3. Tamiya Round Beams (3mm)
4. Sewing Pins
5. Barbeque Sticks
6. Hobby Cement, Bulldog Super Glue
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-Empty Ink Holder that will be use as a mic pole-
-Tamiya round beam that will be used for the stands feet-
-Ballpen cap to be use for the connector of the pole to the stand-
-Barbeque sticks tip-
-Connected the barbeque stick to the Ballpen cap-
-Connected the empty ink holder to the Ballpen Cap-

-Tamiya Round Beam was connected to the Microphone Stand Feet-
-A much larger ink holder that will be use in Microphone Holders-
-The much larger ink holder cut already for the mic holders-

-The Completed Mic Stands-
-The Microphones-
The Completed Microphone Stands with Microphones

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