Thursday, March 31, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XVIII)

I recently found out that, i made an error in making the miniature guitar amplifier for Azusa, i made a Bass Amplifier, and Mio's Guitar Amplifier should be Fender.
-That's Why i'm making a Fender Bass Amplifier.

click image to enlarge-

-already completed the boxes-

-the finished project-
-the finished product-

Making Miniatures Stage Lightings Controller

-the finished controllers and table-


  1. Hi Kakashi (is that from Naruto?)
    Would you share plans for this? I have managed to get only the Banpresto SQ K-on band members through a friend in Japan and I would like to copy your stage set and present it to my daughter this Christmas. I think this will change her whole opinion on anime figures!
    Would you mind emailing or just post them here ^_^
    You site is awesome, what inspires you?
    Hari Om Tat Sat

    1. I have seen the pix btw but I like plans :-)
      Maybe I ask too much though. Sorry.
      Have you shown your work to the official K-on store? They would love this for sure!

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