Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XVII)

Adding Details to the Miniature Amplifiers,/Microphone Processors,Effects Generator, Tables for the Mixer.

-I'll be adding an chrome lining and corner edges to the rack mount casing.

Materials used:
1. Used photo paper (to be use in making for the linings).
2. Used cellphone card (to be use in making the corner edges).
3. Nyko Primer Gray, Bosny Chrome Paint, and Steel Gray.

-double click on the images to enlarge-

-making measurements on the used photo paper-
-already cut the strips for the casing lining-
-cutting the used cellphone card for the corner edges-
-corner edges still unpainted-
-corner edges primed with NYKO Primer Surfacer Gray-
-corner edges primed with NYKO Primer Surfacer Gray-
-rack mount casing lining primed with NYKO Primer Surfacer Gray-
-corner edges painted with Bosny Steel Gray-
-painted with Bosny Chrome-
-glued the chrome lining to the rack mount casing-
-attaching the front part of the corner edges-
-attached the front & side parts of the corner edges-
-The completed look of the casing with the chrome lining & corner edges-
-adding also chrome lining to the table-

-The Completed Miniatures-

NOTE: No Copyright Infringement Intended. This is just a part of my diorama which i personally owned.

Miniature Crown Power Tech Amplifiers

Miniature Crown CE1000 Power Amplifiers
-3 Crown CE1000 Power Amplifiers Rack Mount Casing-
-the 4 rack mount amplifier casing for the K-ON diorama soundstage-
Miniature Microphone Processors/Compressors/Effects Generators

Miniature Table for Microphone Processors/Compressors/Effects Generators

Miniature Allen & Heath Audio Mixer with Table
-added chrome lining to the the table-
-The Sound Stage Audio Equipments-

-The Miniature Projects for the K-ON! Diorama-

-to be continued-