Friday, March 18, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XV)

WIP: SoundStage Audio Mixers, Rack Mounted Amplifiers/Mic Processors/Effects Generator

Materials Used:
1. Illustration Boards,
2. CD Case,
3. Barbeque Sticks,
4. Recycled Photopaper,
5. Photo Print out of Audio Mixers, Rack Mounted Amplifiers & Effects Generator.

-Double Click on the Images to Enlarge-
 -Using an old Plastic CD Case, i'll be making  the casing for the Audio Mixing Console-

 -Already cut the plastic to the required size of the mixing console-

-Using an illustration board to complete the mixing console  back part-

 -completed the mixing console-

 -making the tables for the rack mount effects generator-

-making the rack mount amplifier/effects generator casing-
-priming using NYKO surfacer primer grey-

 -The Painted Table (Bosny Light Gray) pasting the Steel Gray Liner (made of photo paper) on top-

-attaching the mixer photo print out, going to top coat this with Bosny Clear-

-the rack mounted amplifiers/effects generator (still have some details to attend to this)-

-the fininshed Audio Mixing Console-

Note: The rack mount amplifiers/effects generator/mic processors still lacks details.
          I'll be adding an aluminum lining effect on the edges and some corner edges

-to be continued-

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