Monday, March 07, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part XI)

WIP: Cutting Out the Photos of Amplifiers, Speakers, Mixers, HTT Logo that i'll be using in the project.

-Double Click on the Images to Enlarge-

WIP: Making The HTT Banner

 -drilling some holes on the illustration board for the hooks-
-i'll be painting the board with flat/gloss black, then going to paste the print out then top coat it with Bosny Clear-

WIP: Making The Roland Keyboard Amplifier for Tsumugi.

- made from illustration boards, cover the board with used cellcards, then for the stand, i used barbeque sticks-

- i'll be attaching the photo print out to the front/back of the box-

-cutting some medicine foil, i'll be using this for the handle-
-i'll be using a sewing pins for the lock for the handles-

Here's the completed project: 
1. Sprayed the box with Flat?Gloss Black then for the leather effect, while the paint is still a little wet i leave my finger marks giving such effects.
2. After painting the box, i pasted the photo print out, the top coated it with Bosny Clear.

-to be continued-

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