Sunday, February 27, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part II)

WIP: Concert Stgae & Vertical Trusses/Scaffolds.

The Stage is made of Wooden Blocks/Plywood, Illustration Boards, Used Cellcards for the floorings (painted in Bosny Metallic Brown and Top Coated with Bosny Clear)

-Double Click on the Images to Enlarge-
 -This is the initial stage i & my father made; i have miscalculated the size, so i added 4 inches more in the the total stage size-
 -used prepaid cellphone cards-

-the platforms are made of illustration boards-

 - test fitting the scaffolds/vertical trusses-

-to be continued-


  1. I will be glad if u could tell me and thanks for taking the time to read my question

  2. Hi what's the length and width of the stage also what's the thickness of the plywood?