Sunday, February 27, 2011

PROJECT K-ON! Concert Stage Diorama (Part I)

 WIP: Vertical Trusses/Scaffolds.

For the Scaffolds/Trusses i have used barbeque sticks to built this project.
It took me 5 days just to complete this vertical trusses.

-Double Click on the Images to Enlarge-
-Barbeque Sticks-

-Measured the horizontal/vertical & diagonal braces for the scaffolds/trusses-
- I'll be cutting those around 300 Pegs all in all, A Pain Staking Task =\ -

- Finished cutting the pegs -

- Assembly -

-to be continued-


  1. So cool! Thank you for this. So helpful to me now because I'm making a mini concert stage for the band Mayday Parade. It's a plate for our Scenography class. Thank you again!

    1. you're welcome, just don't forget to refer from whom you got the idea.

  2. Hi, what did you use to cut the sticks? i can see that they've been cleanly cut

    1. hi, i just used a blade cutter. It's a painstaking task, it took me roughly 4days just to cut those pegs.